Codex Sinaiticus

The Great Greggo took down the Hebrew scroll and replaced it with this lovely image from the Codex Sinaiticus, which is the second oldest complete copy of the Greek New Testament, and probably our most accurate with regards to the original Gospels and epistles. Read all about it here:

Here is a cool pic of it in situ

The Greek on display is uncial, meaning all caps and no punctuation. In the ancient world, there was no such thing as “reading silently”. You sounded out everything. Punctuation is a generally modern convenience, made possible by printing presses and cheap paper.


Greg Gorman, who is immensely talented at all things communications, designed this humble site, probably while driving his kids to school. He’s that good (to quote Gary Cogill).


I’ve noticed that the banner image is of some Hebrew scroll. Hmmm.

I don’t know Hebrew.

I mean, I know that Cohen (priest) really means “palace servant” and Korban (sacrifice) really means “draw near”, but other than aleph - tav and some fun parlor tricks, I don’t KNOW Hebrew. I can’t come close to reading it.

Koine? That’s different. I can completely and utterly humiliate myself with 1st Century common Greek. And that takes SOME know-how.

Just wanted to come clean. Maybe Greg will redecorate with a page from the Codex Sinaiticus or the P52 Rylands fragment…


I'm Back

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